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How To Buy Stone

One great thing about natural stone is that no two stones are alike making every single kitchen one of a kind. With natural stone there are many different types, finishes, appearances, thickness, and textures to select from. With a vast array of colors and visual textures available there are many choices!

The most compelling issue when buying stone is of personal taste. Like fashion, often these choices fall into a trend concerning what is popular. The popularity of colors shifts with the times. Reliable favorites that seem to defy trends are black, dark green, browns, subtle reds, silvers and yellow/golds. Blue is becoming popular (and expensive) as are stones with more “movement” – large scale variations in color and pattern.

Stones with lots of veins are quite dramatic but usually more fragile. When choosing a granite, ask about its physical properties such as hardness, strength, & abrasion resistance. We will be able to refer you to ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) ratings, if available so you can weigh your choices.

Options For Natural Stone Countertops:

Granite: Most durable stone countertop, scratch and chip resistant, requires special sealants.

Marble: Smooth texture, less durable than granite, susceptible to scratches and stains, requires sealants.

Limestone: Stains easily, very porous, Jerusalem stone is very popular

Soapstone: Durable, requires little maintenance, can be treated with mineral oils to enhance colors, and offers a soft feel.

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